Tips For Converting AVI to Mp4

Most of the portable media players like iPhone, iPod, PSP, Archos, PMP, iRiver, Apple TV, Creative Zen etc. support mp4 file format. Unfortunately, they do not play our common AVI file formats. This makes it imperative to adopt a quality media converting application or software.

Your first option should be initiating an online search. This would land you up amidst hundreds of converting options. Converting applications are small in size and they are released by several big and small companies and also individual software makers. You will note that some of them are freely downloadable. However, most of them offer only a trial usage for free. This trial would last for 1 week to 30 days depending on the brand of the converting software. Once this trial is over, the software wouldn’t run. They will prompt the user with a request to buy the software since the trial period has expired.

If you ask my personal choice, not all free softwares give quality output. It would be wise to buy a multipurpose converting application. High quality converting softwares can convert your files into several diverse audio and video formats like mp4, AVI, MPEG, Flash, QuickTime Movie, 3GP, Mp3, DVD, WMV, and even Blu-ray. Although, there are softwares specially meant for conversations into mp3 and mp4.

Although I had mentioned above that it would be appropriate to invest on a good converting application or software, the fact is 60 percent of the people are using a cracked version. Alternatively, they find other methods to cheat the software providers. For instance, there are people who repeatedly activate the trial periods so that they can continue using the software by reinstalling it every time. However, it is not possible if you try this out directly. If you are using a trial mp4 converter, you won’t be able to reinstall it after the trial period has exhausted. This is because the software leaves a certain record in the registry that indicates that the trail version of the software has been run on that particular system. This mark or record prevents the software from reinstalling. There are certain registry cleaners which help the user in removing such records and entries; however, records left by powerful converters cannot be removed by normal registry cleaners. The best method to solve this issue is to use a powerful uninstalling application that can completely uninstall any kind of software without leaving any traces in the registry. Once the advanced un-installation has been executed you can reinstall the trial version again and continue using it without paying the hefty sums.

For converting AVI to mp4, you can also use certain audio editing softwares. Mp4 formats are also extensively used in Mac machines. Editing softwares can also be well used in Mac machines as they facilitate speed and quality.

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Recommended Qualities of a Good Video Converter Software

If you prefer to collect video, you may want to purchase a suitable video converter. However, you should be cautious when choosing the suitable tool for you. For those who don’t understand what video converter software can do, it’s important to know some qualities or functions of this software.

Video conversion software can help you convert the format of a video. A good converter can also help you change a video file to audio format as well as other formats. The ideal situation is that the video converter software can provide support for all video formats, including AVI (DivX, XivD), MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, TS, FLV, SWF, ASF, MPG, 3GP, 3G2, VOB (VCD), 3GPP H.263 and H.264.and so on. In addition, it should also help you convert videos for Nokia Nxx, iPad/iPhone, Blackberry, PSP, Zune, Google Android phones and XBox360. What’s more, a perfect video converter can also support popular audio file formats like ac3, wma, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, etc.

When you decide to buy the software, you need to guarantee that the software is able to produce good quality results. It is meaningless to use conversion software that cannot generate good results even if it is free. Here we list some advices and hope it will help you choose a suitable software.

1. The efficiency of the software should be high and the results should be in high quality.
2. The software should give users a complete control of the whole conversion process.
3. The software should be user friendly. That is to say, the software should require assistance as least as possible. No customer want to spend a large amount of time and energy to learn the software from the beginning. The software should be easy to understand, install and operate.
4. The software should be run at high speed. A good tool should use the native code to improve its performance.

If you have collected many videos, it is hard task to manage them. In that case, you can choose from those that have the function of managing all your videos.