Play and Sell Your Own Music on a Website Using Website Mp3 Player Software

In the dial-up age, websites are often limited to images and text only. With more and more Internet users switching their dial-up connection to broadband, and available software solution to easily publish multimedia content online, multimedia content is changing the face of many websites.

Many creative professionals and artist are embedding flash music player and flash video player on their website to broadcast multimedia content online.

Multimedia content including music, movie trailers and video clips are added to website to attract new visitors.

More and more artists, musicians embrace the idea of demonstrating their artworks, music, songs and videos online, so visitors and listen to their music creations and even buy a single music track online, before an album is purchased.

As most visitors to these websites would have known about the musician’s previous work already, they are likely to be interested in new creation and releases from the same musician.

Buying music and songs directly from the artist’s website is relatively new, however the advantage is very obvious as evident by the popularity of iTunes. People like to listen to songs online, like to get in the mood instantly and also be able to purchase the song right away.

By adding a flash music player on the website, playing a snippet of the songs for visitors to listen to, with a PayPal button next to it, artists can significantly increase the exposure of their new music creation. In addition, interested buyers can purchase the song they like instantly online, so to bring revenue directly to the musician without any middleman in between. Online shoppers would also tell their friends that they bought the song directly from the artist, which is much more personal and carries more weight, and in return, will bring the artist more new and return visitors.

Another benefit of playing and selling music from your own website is reducing music piracy. We all know how piracy is very hard to control on the Internet. By offering your music directly from your website, you protect your music from being copied and redistributed. Also people like freebies, so allowing your fans to listen to one full song now and then will make them come back to your site and spread the word about it.

How to add music to a website by embedding a flash music player?

You might not have an experienced webmaster or IT person to help you with setting up a music player online. However, if you are already able to publish your website using one of the popular authoring tools, such as Dreamweaver, or Frontpage, then you can add a flash music player to your website very easily.

With the availability of website flash mp3 player and software tools, you can now showcase your music over the Internet to global audience without having to write one single line of code. No any programming knowledge is required, and you can use different flash music players skins to integrate with your existing website nicely.

When choosing the a website music player, you should make sure you select a flash music player, instead of using a Java or other type of plug-ins. Flash player from Adobe is installed by 98% Internet users, and supports PC, Mac, Linux and Smart phones. By using a flash music player, it ensures all your users can listen to your online music without having the need to download extra plug-ins or use a specify browser. You should also select a website music player which can support MP3 format directly — this way you do not have to convert your music files to different formats.